None of These People are Terrorists: Vir Das Cleared out Louder from the Audience

Vir Das Comedy

In the recently uploaded video on Vir Das Comedy YouTube channel, a new controversy has stood out against Vir Das. Netizens are disdaining him over making controversy-provoking Indian People. The video has become a hot new topic in India where he asked the audience to say yes and no after repeating every question, and the audience did the same.

Vir Das New Video

The questions he raised completely hurt many Indians’ sentiments but in reality, the question is not so big controversial. Internet and social media have divided against him and in favor. A month ago, Vir Das talked about issues in India, for example, he compared Indian Goddess whom people worship and the other hand they exploit girls or women.

Vir Das Comedy

This type of Vir Das Comedy is not acceptable in India, where comedians make fun of Gods. After this controversy, his shows started canceling in India, and recently Vir Das’ new show in Bengaluru got canceled due to the same reason. He retorted in his video and claimed that he is doing his job only to make people laugh and nothing. The proof is the audience who loudly supported the standup comedian Vir Das in the uploaded video.

Vir Das New Video

Terrorist and Pakistani agents Question

Many questions asked by him, “have I paid anybody or influence or anything? “did we talk anything about religion? None of these people terrorists or Pakistani agents? Did we target any government and leaders? Did this show defame India or did you feel ashamed being an Indian? All of these questions were really genuine, and cleverly he proved himself not guilty”. The Audience supported him very much, laughed, and enjoyed.

He also made fun of Pakistan that Pakistan can’t even afford agents to get sit in this show. Vir Das is a spectacular comedian and actor. On social media, people are still defaming his show by saying terrifying words about him. Though some support and commented “a big slap to Andhbhakts”.

Well, you know what he says and why he did it, but you can give your opinion on this because it’s your freedom of choice to speak anything without fear and force.

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