Vikrant Rona is Set on Air in the Theatre: A Mysterious Place Haunts

Vikrant Rona Release date

Vikrant Rona is an upcoming Telugu Indian film about the devil who fights against the devil. The movie is getting huge attention from the esteemed audience appreciates Sudeep’s acting and dialogues scene. It stars khichcha Sudeep, Jacqueline Fernandez, Neerup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok are playing epic characters in the film. The teaser has been released already, and the action and horror film make people curious to know more about the story. Also, Vikrant Rona is set on air in the theatre: a mysterious place haunting people from death. Read more about Vikrant Rona release date.

Vikrant Rona Trailer

Star cast of Vikrant Rona

All stars have amazing characters, and everyone is important in creating suspense in the film.

Vikrant Rona Release date

Vikrant Rona film release date is finalized to be on air on 28th July in the cinema hall. It has been delayed so many times due to COVID-19, but finally, now, we all can watch the film in the theatre. You can also book your show from BookMyShow to get a discount. Tickets are available on it.

Vikrant Rona Release date
Vikrant Rona Release date

The film’s story is based on a village where people are lost in the forest. All villagers are afraid of going into the forest, and then our real hero Khichcha Sudeep entered. He has no fear of the forest and its haunting stories. Villagers call him a devil who never fears anyone. As per the villagers’ stories, he started investigating the forest, and what is happening.

In the story, a girl describes the fearless hero, and he solved the unsolved case but also revealed that he is the real devil of the forest who is kidnapping and killing people, but why doesn’t have any idea of it. Police were also investigated but couldn’t find anything. They think it’s a cursed place, but it is not.

Vikrant Rona Release date
Vikrant Rona Release date

This movie has suspense, thriller, and fear. All of these make the film more attractive and get the attention of the audience. People also want to know about the whole story behind this. So wait for the movie to be released till then, and read other pages to know more about movies, web series, and news.


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