USA Abortion Protest, Crowd is Against SC Judgement

USA abortion in India

USA abortion protest

Women of America protesting all over the USA because of the new judgement of the Supreme Court on abortion. Supreme court of the USA overturned the 50 years old judgement of the Supreme Court in the roe vs wade case on abortion, which gave abortion a Constitutional right, but now the supreme court said in his verdict that abortion is not a part of our culture and it’s a political matter so let them make rules and 50 states of USA has empowered to make rules on abortion whatever they want. After this verdict liberals of the USA, despite president Joe Biden condemned the verdict of the Supreme Court. Abortion Law in India and Other Countries: USA Abortion Protest, know more.

Background of USA abortion rule

In 1973 supreme Court of the USA gave its verdict on the roe vs wade case where SC legalised abortion and treated it as a constitutional right and cancelled all the previous laws which made abortion illegal.

Abortion Protest in India
Abortion Protest in USA

Abortion conditions were

  • Abortion can be done till fetus viability (fetus viability is a period when the fetus comes out of the boom of mother )
  • Before 28 weeks (7 months) but after the technological advancement it reduced to 23-24 weeks (6 months) and before the judgement is reduced to 22 weeks.

What’s the importance of judgement: USA abortion protest

  • After the judgement splits is increasing between liberal which is democratic and conservative which is republican.
  • It will affect the lives of poor ladies who majority live in the Western part of the USA.
  • it will increase illegal abortion or will decrease legal abortion and also increase corruption among doctors.
  • This decision will affect the recruitment of judges in the Supreme Court of the USA.
USA Abortion protest
USA Abortion protest

Abortion rule in other countries

Abortion is legal in developed countries like Canada, France, Russia, Australia, Mongolia, etc. But remaining countries like India, and China has illegal but some exception is available like rape, disease, etc.

Status of abortion law in India

India has its medical termination of pregnancy act 1971 and section 312 and 313 of the Indian penal code (IPC)which deals with violation of abortion in India.

Abortion rules in India

  • Abortion can be done before 20 weeks of pregnancy but in 2019 government has amended the law and pregnancy weeks increases from 20 to 24 in some special cases like rape etc.
  • There is no time decided for a fetal disability like other countries.
  • If someone wants to abort their child then it is essential to take the consent of the medical Board of specialised doctors.
USA Abortion protest
Crowd on Road

The cons of legalizing abortion

  • Some people think that killing innocent is a crime.
  • Experts say that after abortion females are suffering from serious emotional trauma which affects their lives.
  • Legalising abortion will affect the relationship between religion and law. If religion is against abortion and the law is legalising the same, this will create a clashing situation.
  • Legalising abortion will increase the number of sexually active teenagers and adolescents and also will increase sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  • Legal abortion promotes a culture in which life is miserable and disposable.

The pros of legalizing abortion

  • Legalising abortion can help population reduction.
  • Unwanted pregnancies are well taken care of and women can back to their normal life and continue with their work or life without any disturbance.
  • Abortion is a safe medical procedure and it will save the lives of many females.
  • Abortion bans will reduce the autonomy of the body and create wide-ranging repercussions.
  • The way forward – abortion has its own merits and demerits so the countries should make rules with keep in mind all the consequences of abortion.
USA Abortion protest
USA Abortion protest


Abortion is the most sensitive issue on that we cannot judge any mother or father to abort their child. In such cases most of the time we judge parents that they would do because of their profits but that’s not a complete story. Sometime aborting is must when they have more than two children and can’t afford third one’s stipends.


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