A Big Announcement, Tanya Khaijow gets engaged

tanya khanijow gets engaged

Tanya Khanijow, a well-known traveler and YouTuber posted a photo of her engagement ring on social media. She is a social media influencer who travels the world and advises people on how to travel safely. Her Instagram was overflowing with joy.

About Tanya Kanjiow

Tanya, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic traveler who has always wished to travel around the world. She received her bachelor’s degree from Delhi Technological University. then She opted for a job and worked for 1.5 years after receiving her qualification. In her first YouTube video, she traveled to Pondicherry by herself and managed everything on her own. She currently has 2.5 million Instagram followers.

tanya khanijow gets engaged

Tanya quit her job in advertising in 2017 and began traveling alone to become a travel vlogger. She is an internet sensation who has won numerous awards for being the best traveler. Tanya Kanjiow gets engaged with social media influencer Eshaan.

On April 8, 2023, she updated her engagement ceremony on social media. They both shared some mushy photos on Instagram. Eshan proposed to Tanya by bending down on one knee in the photo. The couple got engaged in the snow while watching the northern lights. For the fans, the Instagram caption melts their hearts.

tanya khanijow

“From being a non-believer in relationships in my early 20s to this boy coming along and making me a convert. I cried so hard on this night, that my face froze! I never imagined a future in which there would come a night when my boyfriend would propose to me under the northern lights. But some things are not a part of the plan, they just happen! And those are the best moments you remember for a lifetime.”

Eshaan is also an explorer who travels the world and creates content on social media. He has 59.8K followers on eforeshaan.

engagement ring

They were friends who traveled together and eventually fell in love. Now, Tanya Kanjiow gets engaged and couple maturing closer together after ten years to make it unforgettable to stay a lifetime with each other.


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