Talking about my boyfriend… When He Sings I smile with a blessed face…

Talking About My Boyfriend

Yes, I also love someone might of you wouldn’t believe, but it’s true. He is the one that I have chosen, he is the one that I am happy with, yes, you heard it right, he is the only one whom I believe with blindfolded. You cannot judge over this because it’s my way to love him, and I know everyone has their way to love someone.

Some people cry, some love, some quiet, some happy and some keep it a secret, so I have a way to love him. Let me tell you about him, that how he is and why I love him so much.

  • He is curious
  • He is smart
  • He is intelligent
  • He is annoyed
  • He sings
  • He is tired
  • He is lovely
  • He cracks jokes
  • He enjoys everything and so ruins moments sometimes
  • He laughs a lot without care anyone else
  • He says what he has to
  • He is kind
  • He is sweet
  • He is a great fighter as well and fights with me a lot I can’t beat him when he starts fights.

That’s not enough there is more bulk of qualities and inferiority that I love and sometimes angry with it but still want that mood. As I said he is intelligent, so you think might show off, but he hides that talent from most people.

He doesn’t care about people or what they will say about him that sometimes I appreciate bit also annoyed with this. Because he never understands that if you do such things, people must notice you, and that can affect me. And I am a person who thinks a lot about people and what are they saying. Okay, I am a person who talks a lot unnecessarily and interfere with some personal matters I just don’t know, but I’m kinda fun that. But that’s wrong I know and I control myself, so he should too right? But he never listens.

Actually listens, when I say sensible things to him because I talk too much so I say nonsense things that he ignores. I mean totally ignore but also remember my all talks but never apply. Laugh… Yes, I don’t know how to make him understand the little things to teach him some things I just don’t know…

The cute moment is whenever he meets with me he always brings me a rose which I don’t like, but he thinks it shows his love, but he doesn’t know that his laugh shows me the love. When he cracks an irrelevant joke or PJ I stare at him like I will kill him but inside I smile at his cute jokes. I love it when he laughs…

I love when he sings using proper Punjabi lyrics that I can’t understand deeply. Yes, I don’t understand Punjabi but he does and sings Punjabi songs for me that I love. I agree that Punjabi songs are really amazing the way singers high their pitch and make the song perfect he also sings the same way. On his previous birthday, I gifted him a guitar that he will play and sing a song for me but it’s been a year, and he didn’t play. Yeah feeling sad, but also, I can understand that he is busy in his life making his career to prove himself.

Right now, we are fighting and blocking each other because of some serious topic, and I felt that thing, so I am writing without getting anything. But might it will help me to pass these hard times. I think your boyfriends are also like them, who are always angry and never show love with emotions. Because the boys will always be boys.


I love to share new things that you should know.

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  1. cinderella solution

    my boyfriend is also behave like that and irritate me always, looking for your boyfriend… kind of interesting person he is.

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