About Sushmita married Life and Elon Musk’s Father

Sushmita is not married to Lalit

Recently IPL founder and fugitive Lalit Modi tweeted about his relationship with Sushmita Sen. The internet sensational news become spicy, and everyone started taking interest in this. He has tweeted that former beauty pageant Sushmita Sen and he are married and love each other, which is truly wrong. Later he again tweeted and corrected his previous sentence that they are only dating each other and soon get married. also the second is coming about Elon Musk’s Father’s Secret Child. in this article you will know about Sushmita’s marriage Life and Elon Musk’s Father’s secret child with His Stepdaughter. read further about Sushmita Sen Marriage and Elon Musk’s Father.

Sushmita marriage life
Sushmita marriage life

About Sushmita Sen Marriage Life

This tweet has gotten sensational news, and the internet is taking interest in it and provoking Sushmita Sen for dating a fugitive. But recently, she denied this statement, clarified Lalit Modi’s tweet, and proved it completely wrong. Miss world shared a picture with her daughters and specify that she is not married to anyone. She also mentioned not being married and not wearing any rings. She is happy in her own life, and people should be busy in their life.

It shows Lalit Modi plays a victim card to defame Sushmita Sen. Might be the pictures he shared were old and fake. Also, Lalit Modi didn’t tweet since then. Hope, he will also clarify the statement, that he started is wrong and fake.

Sushmita is not married to Lalit
Sushmita is not married to Lalit

Elon Musk’s Father’s secret Child, become uncle and brother at a time

Recently the news came up that Elon musk’s father committed that he has a secret child with his stepdaughter. It is very shocking news for the entire world. His stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout is 35 years old, and the ‘secret child’ has no clue.

In the previous days, Elon musk canceled a deal with Twitter worth 44 billion. And now this news is scorching people who can’t digest this. But it’s true and he has admitted it on the public platform.

Elon Musk's Father's Secret child
Elon Musk’s Father’s Secret child

People also ask questions about them is the secret child get the legacy of Elon musk? Is Elon musk knew about his father’s secret child? And what will be the consequences of these? All these questions have no answer until now, but soon Elon musk reveals the whole conspiracy. Till then, read other entertainment news related to your preferences.


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