Salary and perks of the president and former presidents

Draupadi Murmu and Ramnath Kovind

On 24th July, the tenure of Ram Nath Kovind as 14th president of India ended and was replaced by 15th president Draupadi Murmu. Simultaneously a discussion started on the salary and perks of the president and former presidents. Ramnath Kovind salary and Draupadi Murmu salary are equal and transparent. Let’s discuss more about salary and perks of the president and former presidents.

Salary of Former President
Ramnath Kovind

Salary and Perks of the president

During the tenure of the president, he or she gets the following things, including salary:

  • Current salary of the president of India is 5 lakh per month.
  • He/She can travel anywhere in the world at the expense of the government.
  • He/She gets 60000 as office allowance.
  • He /She gets the highest security car and driver.
  • He/She gets 2 houses other than Rashtrapati Bhawan which are Rashtrapati Nilayam (Hyderabad) and Retreat building (Shimla).
Salary of Former President
Draupadi Murmu

Salary and perks of former presidents of India

When a President retired, he gets what he/she deserves. following are the perks that a president acquires:

  • Pension like all government posts, former presidents are eligible for a pension of 1.5 lakh per month for their entire lifetime.
  • His spouse will get 30000 per month for secretarial assistance.
  • He will get a budgetary allowance for expenses of 60000 per annum.
  • As a former president, he is entitled to a bungalow of 8 rooms for his residence & this will be rent-free, fully furnished accommodation provided by the government.
  • He will also get the facility of 2 landline connections, one mobile and one Broadband connection for a lifetime.
  • He is entitled to free electricity and water connections for his home.
Dr. Rajender  prasad
Dr. Rajender prasad
  • He can avail a car and driver at the expense of the government, which means the salary of the driver, and the fuel expenses are borne by the government.
  • He is entitled to free medical attendance & treatment.
  • He is entitled to travel anywhere in India accompanied by one person by the Highest class Rail /AIR.
  • He is entitled to a secretarial staff of 5 persons – these include 2 private secretaries, one personal Assistant, and two peons.
  • It’s the job of the Delhi police to provide him security to keep him safe.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

Wrap it up

As of now, our former president Ramnath Kovind will be taking advantage of these and he deserves that for serving our country for five years. we are congratulating to our new first tribal President who is our pride of the nation.


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