Priyanka Sharma and Rishabh Sharma get married: Sadi Gaddi food bloggers

Priyanka Sharma Weds Rishabh Sharma

Food blogger and founder of Sadi Gaddi Priyanka Sharma tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on 1st February 2023. The Youtuber Priyanka Sharma Weds Rishabh Sharma after dating each other for one year. It was a long journey following their dreams to get marry and become husband and wife.

Priyanka Sharma Weds Rishabh Sharma

The couples shared their memorable photos and videos on Instagram including, they have blogged about their wedding. In the pictures, Priyanka and her groom look stunning and gorgeously beautiful. She chose a red colored lehenga for the wedding, and the groom decided to wear an off-white sherwani.

Priyanka Sharma is an emerging star on YouTube, where she posts food and travel vlogs with their partners, Rishabh Sharma and Nikhil Sharma. She has made a family of 16.3 lacks on a YouTube channel named Sadi Gaddi.

Priyanka Sharma Weds Rishabh Sharma

One week ago, she has shared her happiness about getting married to her boyfriend Rishabh Sharma. On Instagram, she posted an E-invitation card and announced Priyanka and Rishabh’s wedding date.

Priyanka Sharma Weds Rishabh Sharma

Every fan is happy for her and her husband after the wedding went viral. The bride also uploaded a food vlogging video of her wedding. Both of them have tasted the food for their wedding and provided feedback.

An emotional video also went viral on the internet where she shed tears while dancing with her parents. It is a most precious moment for the groom when she thanks their parents for raising her well.

She also runs the Oye-Smileplease Instagram page, where she shares pictures of stylish outfits, accessories, and lifestyles. The bridegroom enjoys dancing, modeling, gaming, and traveling. Many reputable brands have worked with Sadi Gaddi.

sadi gaddi youtuber marriage

At the wedding, she and her husband enjoyed every wedding festivity shared on both Instagram pages.

She posted a video saying yes to the wedding and wrote a heart-wrenching comment “I still can’t believe that this happened. This was another moment which is added to my dear diary moments. I am just grateful to my universe to my guru to my life that I got this guy.”

Mentioned further “perfect combination of everything by the way Hi guys yes! Finally aapki Priyanka took a turn via her Gaddi towards her new path of love life where Rishabh will join me.”

Well, we wish both newly married couples a happy life and enjoy every bit of moment in their life.


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