Youtuber Mostlysane Aka Prajakta Koli Broke Up with Boyfriend: Know More

prajakta koli broke up with her boyfriend

Content creator, Mostlysane AKA Prajakta Koli broke up with her boyfriend, Vrishank. Are you Shocked that Prajakta Koli broke up with her boyfriend Vrishank? But No, she didn’t break up; she got engaged to Vrishank. She posted a Post where she pointed out her finger; We saw a ring in her hand, which was her engagement ring. But the fun part is that she captioned her engagement announcement, I broke up with my boyfriend.

This news is a thrill to her fans who never expected that Prajakta Koli would get married. Well, this made my day because I was expecting to see her marriage to Vrishank.

Prajakta Koli Broke Up with Boyfriend

Prajakta Koli Broke Up with Boyfriend

The Photo came from Pennsylvania, where the couple is enjoying their holiday. In the Photo, Prajakta Koli and Vrishank Khanal were twining in black and flaunting their engagement ring. She pretended that Vrishank is her ex-boyfriend in the caption, but the photo shows their bond of love—rings on their finger.

Prajakta Koli’s Love Journey and why Prajakta Koli broke up with him

Prajakta and Vrishank have been together for 12 years, and now Prajakta has broken up with her boyfriend to make him her husband. When Prajakta is in her early struggling stage from that Vrishank always supports her. In a recent interview, Prajakta revealed that we are not alike; the kind of people we are, the kind of content we watch, the type of music we listen to, the way we react to happy or tough situations”. Despite these dissimilarities, they are together and refuse to give up on each other.
They met through their familiar friend when Prajakta was 18, and Vrishank was 22. Their love story was incredible during Prajakta’s struggling period, and now She is a fantastic actor.

Prajakta Koli Broke Up with Boyfriend

Prajakta’s acting journey

Prajkta never thought she would ever act in the film—in the interview, she said. She started her career as a radio jockey and making video content on YouTube and then Instagram. There was a time when Prajakta was the only digital creator who got 4 million followers on YouTube, and now she has 12 million. Now she has done many movies: Jugg Jeeyo, Neeyat, and Yeh Shaadi anhi ho sakti. Web series: Mismatched is one of the most popular web series on Netflix.

Who is Vrishank Khanal?

Before getting involved in their relationship, you should know who is Vrishank Khanal and Whose boyfriend. Vrishank is a lawyer by profession from Telangana. He studied at Cambridge University and pursued a bachelor’s degree in law. Prajakta knows him from her college days when they met through common friends. They have been dating since 2011, and their long-term relationship will turn into Miyan-Biwi.

vrishank and prajakta koli breakup

As she surprised her fans on social media, Anil Kapoor congratulated her in the comment. Including Kiara Advani, Neetu Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and many more celebs, they wished her a happy engagement.

Now my clearing statement; Prajakta didn’t break up with her boyfriend; instead, she got engaged. And now they are looking forward to getting married soon.


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