Mysterious Unfathomable case of Shinzo Abe’ Death by the Japan Cops

Shinzo Abe's Death

On 8 July, the longest-serving Japan prime minister Mr. Shinzo Abe was shot dead by an ex-navy veteran of Japan during a poll campaign. Nara city located in western Japan, where, two shots were fired at Shinzo Abe, and on the spot, the shooter has been arrested by the Japanese police. Indian prime minister and other world leaders like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Condemned the assassination and announces state mourning in memory of Shinzo Abe. and it is still a Mysterious Unfathomable case of Shinzo Abe’s Death by the Japan Cops. Let’s read further to know more about Shinzo Abe.

Mysterious Unfathomable case of Shinzo Abe's Death
Shinzo Abe

About Shinzo Abe and Shinzo Abe’s Death

  • In 1954 -He was born in a prominent political family in Tokyo
  • In 1977 – He graduated from Seiken University of Japan then he moved to the USA for further studies.
  • In 1979 -He started working at a Kobe steel firm.
  • In 1993 -for the first time, he was elected as a Liberal Democratic Party legislator.
  • In 2005 -He was appointed as chief cabinet secretary under prime minister KOIZUMI.
  • In 2006- first time became Japan’s prime minister.
  • In 2007 -He resigned as Prime Minister citing health reasons.
  • In 2012 -became the prime minister again.
  • In 2013- launched ‘ABENOMICS ‘to boost Japan’s economy.
  • From 2014-2020 -He developed close relations with India and America, pursued a hard line with South Korea over disputes, and floated plans to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution.
  • In 2020 -He stepped down as Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.
Mysterious Unfathomable case of Shinzo Abe's Death
Shinzo Abe

India-Japan’s Relation in His Presence

  • Shinzo Abe visited India as a prime minister 4 times and was first addressed to the Indian parliament in 2007.
  • Shinzo Abe found an ally in prime minister Narendra Modi.
  • Shinzo becomes 1st Japanese prime minister to attend Republic day celebrations.
  • IN 2015, Shinzo Abe’s attended Ganga aarti in Varanasi.
  • Shinzo Abe supported the role of QUAD -An alliance between Japan, Australia, the USA, and India which counters China in Asia -the Pacific region.
Shinzo Abe
Shi8nzo Abe and Narendera Modi

Concerns for Gun culture

Gun culture is a burning issue in the world, and is rapidly increasing in developed countries like the USA, and Canada, but peaceful countries like Japan and Denmark are also being hit. World leaders should make an international law to control these types of assassinations, and gun license laws should be stricter. Experts pointed out that there is a considerable lack of systemic checks on the individuals who purchase guns, and as a result, it leads to mass killings.

All about Mysterious Unfathomable case of Shinzo Abe’s Death

Ultimately, Japan Cops didn’t reveal the death story of Shinzo Abe. They are trying to solve the case of Shinzo Abe’s death. The latest update you will get soon on these blogging sites. till then you can read about other crises in India.


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