Mass Hysteria: In Uttrakhand School, Girls sreaming, crying anad banging heads

mass hysteria cases in history

A shocking video of over many students, mostly girls shouting, screaming, banging their heads, and crying inconsolably together without any apparent. This incident of government school in the Raikholi area of Maheshwar district is going viral on social media. The incident has triggered concern among parents as well as authorities. Following the incident, a team of doctors and government officials visited the school in Raikhuli village and took stock of the situation. Experts believe that it is the case of MASS HYSTERIA. well it is not the first case happened. there are many mass hysteria cases in history that shocked people many times.
Times of India video


It is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real Or imaginary, through a population and society as a result of rumor and fear. In medical terms, it is described as the spontaneous manifestation or production of chemicals in the body of the same or similar hysterical physical symptoms by more than one person. A common type of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believes that they have a similar disease or ailment, sometimes referred to as mass psychogenic or mass epidemic hysteria.

mass hysteria cases in history
mass hysteria cases in history

Some famous cases of mass hysteria

  • Dancing plague 1518 -It was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace were numerous people took to dancing for days without rest, and over about one month some of the people died from a heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion.
  • Laughter epidemic -this outbreak happened In 1962 in a small village in Uganda. It began on January 30th, 3 school girls began to laugh uncontrollably, and this began to start rapidly spreading throughout the school. It lasted up to 16 days.
mass hysteria in uttrakhand
mass hysteria in Uttrakhand
  • Meowing nuns -in 1884, in a large convent in Central France, a nun began to meow, strangely, other nuns joined her in the meowing nuns until all the nuns at the convent began to meowing together every day at particular times, Sometimes for hours. The nuns finally ceased their meowing after soldiers, who were sent to the convent, threatened to whip them with rods.

Way forward

Mass Hysteria is a serious issue in the world because it typically begins when an individual becomes I’ll or hysterical during a period of stress and after this individual shows symptoms, other begins to manifest similar symptoms like typical nausea, and muscle weakness fits, or headache. In India, we have seen many cases in schools, and it affects, mostly females because they are very emotional or sensitive.

uttrakhand school
Uttrakhand school


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