What happened when I traveled to Rishikesh from Delhi

itinerary of rishikesh

This summer I planned a trip to visit Rishikesh to get some freshness from that place. This blog has itinerary of rishikesh about how i messed up my plan. Delhi, you know how much heating these days, so this trip is for me. In India, people never let a girl travel, whether you are alone or with friends. Well, they talk about your safety but keeping you in prison.

After a long fight with my parents, finally, I got permission to travel with friends to Rishikesh. My travel story begins from here. I and my friends had no experience before this trip, and I was the only one who had to plan everything.

itinerary of rishikesh

Itinerary of Rishikesh

The itinerary of Rishikesh is tricky but so much fun. I booked bus tickets from Kashmiri gate to Haridwar. The bus was okay I didn’t get any problems, but my anti-buses friends got sick. Anyhow, we arrived at our destination Har ki Pauri, which is a place of Vishnu’s feet.

I have already booked our hotel, so at midnight, we wouldn’t get into any problem. We someway, got a hotel room and decided to have lunch in the room. So goodnight to that night.

My plan was so simple, wake up at 5 o’clock to enjoy the morning aarti, check out from the hotel at 8, and had breakfast to get the vehicle for Rishikesh at 10. But our destiny has planned something else for us. We woke up late at 6, couldn’t get the chance to sit in the aarti, and had breakfast at 9 at chotiwala in Har ki Pauri. At 9:30 entered the room and again slept. Wake at 11 and check out at noon.

My plan messed up, and this affected us a lot. The day is Saturday and got so much traffic. Due to terrific traffic, we couldn’t get any vehicles and some drivers demanded worth thousand to travel to Rishikesh. It was so expensive than the regular ride. After a long wait, around 2 and a half hours, we got one vehicle, and the driver agreed to drop us at Rishikesh at 80 rupees.

Funny or sad story

A funny incident happened in the vehicle where the driver took more riders than the regular passengers. On a hot sunny day, we were getting in trouble, and it suffocated a lot. It was all my fault. Let me share with you the short story of how did this happen to plan. While sitting in the vehicle, we had fewer passengers in it, so after waiting for 5 minutes, we got a family of 4 members who tried to sit in the vehicle but couldn’t adjust.

I saw them waiting in the sunlight for a long and leaving them there was inhumanity. So I tried to manage and let one of my friends sit on my lap. That’s how I messed up, and my friends got angry because the road was not so good, and the humidity was killing us at that time.

Anyhow we arrived in Rishikesh but not at the place where we were supposed to be. There was a long traffic awaited us, and that one was the most problematic situation for us to cover long distances by walking. This itinerary of rishikesh is not finished yet, there are more epic adventures we have to face and others I will share with you in the next blog, till then, enjoy this one and learn from my silliness messy plan ever.

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