India vs Pakistan match 2023: India won but…

India vs Pakistan match 2023

India continues its supremacy, winning the India vs Pakistan match 2023 8th World Cup. The players of India got the match, and now the score is 8-0. It means, Pakistan never won the match against India, but we lost our hearts to our players who never miss a chance to amaze us.

Fans are celebrating Jeet of India vs Pakistan match 2023. Well, we are not so amazed because somewhere, we know India will win, and beta will again lose. After baap baap hota hai beta beta hota hai.

India vs Pakistan match 2023 with Massive Win

India vs Pakistan match 2023

Narendra Modi stadium is still screaming our winning match with excitement. For the information, Amit Shah also joined the match to watch our winning score. He cheered a lot to the players. Also, Amit Shah shared a post on x related to match with the caption, ‘Tiranga flying high 🇮🇳

“A big round of applause for our cricket team for this stupendous victory. The team continues its winning streak against Pakistan in the ODI World Cup. You all have shown how much pride seamless teamwork with a common goal can achieve for our nation”.
“My best wishes on your unrelenting march toward winning the World Cup 2023”.

India vs Pakistan match 2023

Additionally, the ICC Cricket World Cup match is ready to arrange the next exciting match of India vs Bangladesh World Cup 2023 on Thursday. The venue of this match is Pune, where we will have another victory for our team.

Let’s talk about our Indian team in World Cup 2023. India won the match with 7 wickets and made 192 runs. Our opener Rohit Sharma hit 86 and got the trophy of man of the match of India vs Pakistan. Shreyas Iyer won our hearts and hit FOUR for us as we wanted in the last. And that’s where we won the match without much loss of the wickets. This team Proud us for being Indian is a glimpse.

India vs Pakistan match 2023

After this massive win, India has de-throned New Zealand from the top and stands at the top of the list. This is also an amazing news for us. Rohit Sharma says that the bowlers already set the game for them restricting Pakistan from scoring more than 191. Additionally, we thought that they would score more than 200, which couldn’t happen, and here we won.

Well, he said everything is true, and here we are enjoying our victory losing beta of India.


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