‘I Am Groot’ is Releasing on Disney+ Hotstar with 5 shorts

i am groot is releasing

As we have seen Groot in the Guardian of the galaxy but never seen him before in his personally dedicated film. But now we all can watch him with his only 5 shorts film named ‘I am Groot’. We all are the big fan of Groot, who is cute, funny, moody, and a hero saving lives for everyone in the end. Yes, we know that he is the ultimate hero in the Guardians of the galaxy: where he fit the bomb in the end and killed the villain. Also, in the Guardian of galaxy first, he ultimately saves everyone and dead. Who can forget this after all! Now we all can watch a separate I am Groot is releasing on Disney+ Hotstar with 5 shorts.

I Am Groot Trailer

Vin Diesel is the only cast member in the film. As we have watched the trailer, he is alone but entertaining his life like that. Mark Sinclair known as Vin Diesel is the producer and actor as well, playing the lead role in the fast and furious franchise. He gave his voice in the film Groot and also played the character and make it real.

I Am Groot is Releasing

As we have last watched Groot in the ‘Avengers end game‘, where he again came back after disappearing. After that, we didn’t even see where he go and what about his life but also we know that Thor is the best hero for him, and again as we have proud of him that he saved Thor’s life too. but now I Am Groot is releasing on 10th August with 5 pairs of shorts.

i am groot is releasing
I am Groot is releasing

‘I Am Groot’ Story

In the trailer, I am Groot, we have watched him playing with caterpillars who almost attacked him but his leaf, was liked by the caterpillars, and they started eating that. He danced, acted, and entertained in the film to own. In these 5 shorts, we will watch his personal life where he plays and fight against the bad and unhealthy things to save his life from an unknown planet.

i am groot is releasing
Groot | A life tour

So let’s wait what is the next thing Groot will do and how he will protect himself on another planet. Till then, you should read about my new articles, recently written on a serious topic and entertaining topic. Read and tell me about your thoughts and don’t be afraid to add your mail id it will be secured by us.


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