After six months of marriage, Kritika Khurana announces her divorce

that boho girl divorce

The most famous Fashion blogger on social media Kritika as known as ‘that boho girl” has recently announced her broken relationship with his husband of divorce. She is separating from her husband Aditya Chhabra. Fans are reacting differently to support her and blaming her for breaking up with him soon. After six months of marriage, Kritika Khurana announces her divorce, That boho girl posted on Instagram.

that boho girl divorce

Kritika Khurana Announces Her Divorce

Kritika is a fashion vlogger who shot her wedding and uploaded it on that boho girl YouTube with a happily ever after the caption. She was in love with Aditya Chhabra and married her prince Charming boy on April 20. After 8 years of relationship with him, her marriage is not going to be long. In 2021, she left her millions of followers after announcing her Roka. Since then, her fans were eagerly waiting for the rejoining the YouTube and Instagram to show her wedding photos. After her marriage, she happily posted her wedding videos and photos and bloomed in her wedding dress.

Kritika Khurana Announces Her Divorce

On 12 October, she shared the news of her divorce from her husband with 4 portals where she wrote, I am and will always be the die-hard romantic, but sometimes life deals us the roughest deals, and we have no option but to take hard decisions. This phase has already been very hard for my family and me, and I hope you can understand my situation, and please send your love and prayers to close this chapter forever and move ahead in life.”

There are many more emotions she burst with on Instagram and told their fans to respect her decision. You can see images about her feelings on divorce.

kritika khurana divorce
aditya chhabra divorce

She thanked her beloved ones who supported her harsh decision. Yet she didn’t reveal her private issue with her husband and appealed to fans to respect her privacy. Also if you see her Instagram, Kritika Khurana deleted her wedding photos on Instagram. And there are no photos or videos with Aditya of the wedding or any of the moments.

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