Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame Dipesh Bhan is dead at the age of 41

Deepesh Bhan' Death

Bhabhi Ji ghar par Hain is one the most popular Hindi tv series where Dipesh Bhan an extraordinary person who played the character of Malkhan, passes away this Saturday. Dipesh Bhan is one most famous actors in tv series and played so many roles in many tv serials. Bhabhi Ji ghar par Hain fame Dipesh Bhan is dead at the age of 41. The team of his tv shows released a heartfelt statement for the deceased soul.

Though the reason behind the death is not revealed yet by the doctors who were treating him. He was playing cricket in his building and suddenly collapsed due to heavy exercise. Other members pick him to the hospital, and the doctor declared him dead.

Deepesh Bhan Passes Away
Deepesh Bhan

About Dipesh Bhan Family

Recently He tied the knot in 2019 and has an only eighteen-month-old son. Everyone is shocked after getting the heartbreaking news of him. Dipesh Bhan Passes Away but his huge fans are praying for his soul on social media and consoling his family.

The showrunner Binaiferr Kohli also consoles and said a lot about his over-exercise session, “I wasn’t aware of this, otherwise I would have scolded him. They are saying that he exercised (in the morning), then he was coming on the set, and he stopped to play cricket. He hardly played, and blood came out of his nose or ear. I’m not sure. I haven’t asked much. I’m more bothered about his wife and child.”

Malkhan gang

Saumya Posted a video with long message

another Shows crew Saumya Tandon the ex-actor of bhabhi Ji Ghar par Hain posted a photo with him and told the fans he is no more. She also posted a video of him from the popular show Bhabhi Ji Ghar par Hain where he is dancing with Gori mem on ‘how do you do’.

Dipesh Bhan Passes Away
Instagram Post

She also leaves a long consoling message in his memory of him “Thanks for sharing this lovely song with Deepesh. Had so much fun doing it, and had so many beautiful memories and fun laughs in between scenes with Deepesh. Life is so unpredictable. I am so blessed that I have very kind, warm memories and moments full of love and happiness with him. I just want to tell everyone, be kind to all, all who work with you, below you, above you, life is so short, only moments are left behind, create happy moments for yourself and others. You never know who goes through what and how long they are there in the world.” You can continue to read all her message on her Instagram account.

Bhabhi ji ghar par hain
Bhabhi ji ghar par hain

As a Fan, I will pray for his soul to rest in peace, and he will always be in our hearts ever.


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