Dhruv Rathee Reacts on his entry in OTT big boss 2 and roasts Elvish Yadav

Dhruv rathee entry in OTT big boss 2

Dhruv Rathe is a well-known YouTube celebrity who tackles many socio-political concerns. Recently, a controversy erupted in the digital sphere regarding Dhruv Rathee’s wild card entry in OTT Big Boss 2. Now, Dhruv Rathee entry in OTT Big Boss 2 got a clarification by Dhruv and he criticizes Elvish Yadav too.

It is not the first time Dhruv Rathee has roasted Elvish, but he has also roasted OTT Big Boss. The reality shows OTT Big Boss has included YouTubers as contestants. Elvish Yadav is garnering fame for his role in the show.

Dhruv and Elvish are digital rivals who have different content as well as opinion on social issues. In the previous video, Youtuber Dhruv Rathee roasted Elvish for the film Kerala Story. Now social media became a battleground for their fans.

dhruv rathee wild card entry in OTT Big Boss

Dhruv remarked in a new OTT Bigg Boss 2 video how stupid the show is and how he will never participate in it. Instead of mocking the broadcast, he highlighted why people enjoy this type of content.

He always creates informative and excellent articles. The way he presents things and does great analysis on the subject is why he has millions of fans. he clarified on Dhruv’s wild card entry is false and ridiculed the media for their phony study.

Dhruv analysis on OTT Big Boss 2 Content

He addresses the paradoxical appeal of such content, delving into the psychology behind its consumption. Described the big boss’s history and why people are crazy about the big boss. Well, the answer is properly cleared out by Dhruv that these contents are enjoyable and the audience loves to watch fights. Additionally, the “trainwreck effect,” where viewers can’t look away from drama-filled content, plays a significant role in attracting audiences.

Dhruv rathee entry in OTT Bigg Boss 2

Adding, he said, if the Bigg Boss will give him millions still he will never go on that show. The rumor of YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s entry in OTT Big Boss 2 is false and now the audience got upset by this news.

Summing up

Fans criticized authenticity, entertainment value, and the blurred line between online personas and reality of Elvish Yadav. Whereas, Rathee doesn’t shy away from discussing the ethical responsibility of content creators. He produces content that’s authentic, informative, and responsible.

dhruv rathee entry in OTT Big Boss 2

His reaction to Elvish Yadav’s entry into the OTT Bigg Boss 2 version sparks important conversations about the role and influence of digital media personalities.


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