Deliberately crashed a plane, YouTuber could be jailed for 20 years

crashing a plane for views

YouTuber Trevor Jacob has been seen in the 2021 video crashing a plane for views. On Thursday, US authorities clarified that he could face a 20-years prison sentence.

Trevor parachuted out of a single-engine plane while holding a selfie stick in the video titled I Crashed My Plane.

After 2 years, he has agreed to plead guilty to obstructing a federal investigation. Trevor Jacob, 29, will have to face up in federal prison for crashing a plane in California’s Los Padres national forest.The video got 3 million views until now and it still scares people while watching the video.

Crashing Plane for Views

Crashing Plane for Views

In the initial statement, he told to police that his plane lost power and he had no idea where the wreck was. His statement put him in more danger even though no one believes him. Later, Federal authorities found that he didn’t attempt to call air traffic control, restart his engine, or search for a safe place to land.

Jacob is the most experienced pilot and skydiver. Hence, he mentioned in the plea statement that he never wanted to complete his solo flight from Lompoc airport to mammoth lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Before taking off the plane, he adjusted cameras on different parts of the plane. When he decided to jump off the plane, he put on his parachute and selfie camera in hand. Run the plane for 35 minutes, and Jacob jumped off the plane. Officials say he shot where the plane crashed when he touched the ground.

crashed plane for views

Two days later from the incident, he informed the national transportation Safety Board of the plane crash but denied to tell where the crash happened. In the plead statement, he agreed that he lied and knew where the wreckage was.

On 23, December 2021, he uploaded a video captioned ‘I Crashed My Plane‘. In April 2023, investigators solved all the mystery about Jacob’s lies and FAA revoked his license. Now the officials have announced his 20 years in prison.


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