Gaurav Taneja, An Ex-Pilot, Youtuber, And Bodybuilder Is The Talk Of The Town

controversies of Gaurav Taneja

YouTube is a new life where everyone shows their talent, but do you know that Gaurav Taneja’s talent? You have known him for his controversies but now you will know him about his life and his journey to become a YouTuber. But before moving forward, you should know who is Gaurav Taneja and the YouTube controversies of Gaurav Taneja during his career.

The YouTuber Gaurav Taneja, also known as Flying Beast, was born in Kanpur (Apna Shahar) on 9 July 1986. He cracked the most difficult IIT entrance exam in 2004 and pursued civil engineering at IIT Kharagpur.

gaurav taneja controversies

Controversies of Guarav Taneja

Taneja is a fitness enthusiast who inspires many towards a healthier lifestyle. He was a also pilot so you should know about his journey. Controversies of Guarav Taneja have disappointed many times.
Flying Beast diversifies his content to include vlogs such as travel, fitness, and family-oriented videos. When his channel grew, in 2020, he publicly accused the airline company of safety violations. He alleged that AirAsia India was compromising on safety standards to meet targets. The company was risking passengers’ lives, this caused a problematic debate nationwide.

Later, AirAsia fired him, giving him a reason “breach of loyalty”. The controversy isn’t over yet, the sources said, “that the company sued him. After a few years, he becomes the most popular YouTuber in India by posting his fitness video. Gaurav Taneja is a married man, who tied the knot to Ritu Rathee, a popular YouTuber and an air pilot. Taneja has two beautiful kids, a girl, and a boy. Gaurav Taneja as a YouTuber shares every family content.

Gaurv Taneja aka flying beast with family

In 2021, Taneja faced backlash from viewers who accused him of promoting questionable fitness supplements. This allegation tarnished his reputation as a trustworthy influencer. Viewers started criticizing his content and unfollowed him. This has affected his family as well but he fought against it.

How He Manages All the Controversies

After all these allegations against him, Gaurav Taneja is still a prominent figure in the fitness Influencer community running his YouTube channel. In recent times, Both Gaurav and Ritu appeared in the Smart Jodi Show. It was a couple’s show where couples were competing with other popular star couples to win the show. But Both Gaurav and Ritu quit Smart Jodi show in the middle to see their unwell daughter treat her. In this show, they performed very well but couldn’t go to the last.

controversies of Gaurav Taneja

Both Gaurav and Ritu faced many challenges during their journey and passed it at all. They are running their YouTube channel, and now Flyingbeast has nine million subscribers on YouTube. Taneja persists in inspiring millions of viewers who are reliable and loyal fans. Authenticity and integrity are paramount in building lasting connections with an audience in the digital world.


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