Chup Film is not Gory and Creepy, It is sensitive, R. Balki Revealed

chup teaser out

Finally, Sunny Deol is coming up with his new and unique character in the Chup movie. This is a movie about a crime scene or suspenseful. Chup: revenge of artist teaser goosebumps impacting over public, case solved of murder and love story is out now. The film got huge attention over the character of Sunny Deol, and Chup is associated with Amitabh Bacchan.

A small clip of the film Chup was released now on the occasion of Guru Dutt’s birthday. The Chup director R Balki has tributes this film to Guru Dutt. After getting the clip, it shows the film about blood and gory. In the presence of the director, the film has revealed every star cast Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salman, and Shreya Dhanwanthary.

Chup Teaser

According to ETimes, On this occasion and teaser release, R. Balki said “I wanted people to know when Guru Dutt was born, I wanted people to see his films. And most importantly, ‘Chup’ is not about Guru Dutt’s life, nor any other actor, but it is about the artist Guru Dutt, and the sensitivity of an artist. In the film, there are references galore about Guru Dutt, the artist. Hence I thought it was a perfect occasion for a thriller based on a sensitive artist, to be unveiled, on this day. Guru Dutt was possibly the most sensitive artist of our time and before our time, and in the future too

The idea of making this film is that the script amazingly defines the psycho killer who might kill uncountable innocent people. This movie is not bloody, despite it has lots of killing scenes and murders. It is not a film gory and creepy, but sensitive R. Balki said.

Chup teaser out
Chup teaser out

These days people love to see suspenseful and thriller movies to binge-watch in theatre. Speaking about the cast are amazing actors, who are showing their talent with a very serious face and acting like innocent in the film.

About the Chup: revenge of the artist teaser out

Talking about a small glimpse of the movie where it started with a song of ‘Waqt ne Kiya kya sitam‘. It is a film dedicated to Guru Dutt, so our artist Dulquer makes paper flowers and gives them to her lover, but in the scene, she was surprised and said, “at that time, people criticized the paper,” and suddenly the sound came up with Chup.

Sunny Deol
sunny Deol

Amitabh Bacchan uploaded the teaser on his Instagram account, and every cast posted the same.

The teaser is eye-catching and grabbing everyone’s attention. The trailer will be out soon this month, and we will binge-watch more about the Chup movie. Till then, feel free to read my other latest blogs.


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