After Ranveer’s nude post, Asim Riaz nude post is criticizing

Asim Riaz nde post on instagram

In recent days, we have faced a lot of controversy against Ranveer singh on he posted a nude post on Instagram. An ad photoshoot was held where paper sponsors this photoshoot. Millions of people gathered and donate clothes to Ranveer singh, and also, an FIR was registered against him. Now After Ranveer’s nude post, Asim Riaz nude post on Instagram are getting negativ comments. So the question is, why not now public donating clothes to Asim Riaz? Is this protest done as a publicity stunt? Or they discriminate between mega-star and serial-star.

Asim Riaz nude post
Asim Riaz nude post

Asim Riaz nude post on Instagram

Asimriaz is one of the most popular actors and musical singers in India. He is always active on Instagram and posted reels and photos about his travel and photoshoot posts. Recently he posted his nude photos where he has posed wearing jeans down from the waist. Most people reacted sarcastically to these posts to tell him about the ethics of wearing clothes in India.

Asim Riaz nude post
Asim Riaz

Ranveer Singh’s controversy became an international matter, where many people appreciated, and most of them criticized his photos. As the same, Asim Riaz posted a reel with a song of finesse God. he Asim Riaz nude post is stunning and gorgeous but his reel got viral and was criticized by the Indian people. Most of the fans are reacting against his post and commenting negative comments.

Background of Asim Riaz

As we know, Asim Riaz was the runner-up in the bigboss13 where he struggled a lot to go on that level. Asimriaz is the sibling of Umar Riaz, a public personified. He was the most favorite candidate in the big boss show, where he was close to winning the big boss title but lost it.

Asim Riaz
Asim Riaz

Now, he has again come back in the controversial news about the nude photoshoot where the public demise the ethics. They are ashamed of seeing these on social media, which is ruining their culture. What do you think about it? Comment below, and for further entertainment news, you can read other blogs.


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