Amarnath cloudburst: Lost so Many Lives and NDRF is Rescuing the Pilgrims

Amarnath cloudburst

After a gap of 2 years, on 29 July government allowed the first group of devotees on the Amarnath yatra amid high security. And today the news came out that the cloudburst happened at around 5:30 pm near the Amarnath cave in South Kashmir Himalaya, witness reported a sudden wave of water from above and slides of the cave. Several tents of pilgrims washed away, and several parts of the Baltal base camp were also ruined by flash flood after a cloudburst, bodies of more than 16 pilgrims were recovered and around 15000 pilgrims were shifted to a safe place. Amarnath cloudburst: lost so many lives and NDRF is rescuing the pilgrims. Amarnath cloudburst: Lost so many Lives and NDRF is Rescuing the Pilgrims

Amarnath Cloudburst: Pilgrims Lost Lives in the Fatal Tragedy
Amarnath Cloudburst Pilgrims life is in danger

NDRF, SDRF, CRPF, and BSF teams are racing against time to trace the missing, injured pilgrims being airlifted by ALF Dhruv and MI-17 V5 helicopters for treatment. Indian army deploys 6 teams to aid rescue operations.

The Prime minister Mr. Narendera Modi condoles deaths and takes stock of the ground situation and the home minister also is in touch with army officials and Manoj Sinha who is the lieutenant governor of Jammu Kashmir. Now the Amarnath yatra has been suspended for now as rescue work is underway.

What is Cloudburst?

A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation in a short period sometimes accompanied by hail and thunder, which is capable of creating flood conditions. Cloudburst can quickly dump a large amount of water, for example, 25 mm of the precipitation corresponds to 25000 MT per square kilometer.

Amarnath Cloudburst: Pilgrims Lost Lives in the Fatal Tragedy
Amarnath danger zone

About Amarnath yatra

Amarnath cave is situated in southern Kashmir Himalaya and it is 3888 meters above sea level, in 1850 Butta Malik discovered the shrine. Pahalgam and Baltal are two base camps or two ways to go to Amarnath temple, Pahalgam base takes more time than the Baltal camp to reach Amarnath temple.

Security issues after Amarnath Cloudburst

  • In 1993 Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Ansar announced a ban on the yatra.
  • in 2000,25 people, including 17 pilgrims, were killed in a massive militant attack on the Pahalgam base camp, and this was 1st direct militant attack on pilgrims.
  • On 10 July 2017, 7 people were killed and 11 others injured when militants attacked a bus carrying Amarnath Yatris.
Amarnath Crises
Amarnath-rescue team

Security arrangements after Amarnath Cloudburst

  • Check vehicle and luggage for any foreign objects that might be IEDs.
  • Multi-tier security measures involving police and other security agencies are being put in place for the smooth conduct of the yatra.
  • Security officials use RFID and drones for tight security

Wrap it UP

Amarnath cloudburst
Amarnath yatra

Amarnath rescuing mission is still going on and our NDRF team putting all efforts to save others life. This is the harsh news ever I am writing here. Pilgrims who lost their favorite’s life is a very sorrow moment for every India. We as humans pray for them alive.


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