Left The High-Paying Career To Pursue A Love For Travel: Akansha Monga

Akansha Monga travel content

As far as I know, Akansha Monga is one of the fastest travel content creators, having 977K followers till now. She is exploring every corner of the world. But how much do you know about her that she left her job to follow her dream? Akansha was making a lot at her job, so why did she quit? Well, the answer is simple but not digestible to our judgemental society.

A consulting job pays well and allows you the freedom to make more money. Anyway, she left it. Travel is something that anybody can leave their job and start hunting for travel in the forest, mountains, or volcanic places. She did the same and began exploring places wherever she wanted to go.

akansha Monga travel content creator

In India, girls are never allowed to travel without family. They either say you should travel with your parents or your husband. That’s unfortunate that every woman like us has heard from our parents. But Akansha Monga’s love for travel is beyond any boundaries. She made a brave decision and started traveling all over the world after many restrictions.

Akansha Monga Travel Journey

A six-year-old girl, Akansha Monga traveled to Paro in Bhutan with her Parents in her childhood. She was mesmerized as she explored the town and enjoyed every minute of it. Being a part of an army family, every two years, she makes a new townhome. But when it comes to starting traveling solo, we hear no-no many times.

After completing graduation from Hindu College, she joined Bain & Company as a consultant in 2020. She quit her job after working one and a half years in that company to continue her expeditions in 2022. Now comes the travel content creator part, where she totally nailed it.

akansha monga travel content

Akansha Monga started scripting, shooting, and editing on their own. She started with zero, and now the number of followers is growing every minute. While traveling, she faces many challenges of how to book a plane, where to live, and how to stay safe. Solo traveling is not easy, especially when you are a woman, but she is a girl, she made it.

Her Travel Bucket List

Monga as a content creator or a travel content creator influenced many girls and women to explore places without any fear. Till now, she traveled to more than 25 countries. Including Oman and Qatar, she traveled to the most popular temples in India. Content creator Akansha Monga knows to travel with less expenses.

akansha Monga

After working for LinkedIn, she has started traveling to many countries solo and creating content to aware people of scams, and harassment and to be safe from pick-pocketers. This Content creator has made their fan and followers within just a month.

Her videos went viral because of good video editing and the research behind the travel topic. This makes their followers more intrigued to attach to their content.


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