Racism against Indians is a reality: Abhi and Niyu faced Racism in Egypt

Abhi and Niyu in Cop27 event

Famous YouTubers and journalists Abhi and Niyu faced racism in Egypt at a hotel where a man spat on Niyu. It is a harshly indigestible case coming from Egypt, that happened with our Indian journalists. The case is completely horrible and sounds disgusting while knowing that a man shouted at an Indian and said to go back to India to these YouTubers.

Abhi and Niyu faced racism

Recently Abji and Niyu posted a vlog about this incident on YouTube, where they talked about how they faced racism against India. In the video, they talked about the man who not just shouted at them but rather spat on Niyati and abused them to be Indians.

Abji and Niyu faced racism

Abhi and Niyu are one of the most popular online journalists who always stand by the truth and are never afraid to say the truth. Husband and wife married in 2019 at the age of 22-23. They were in a relationship for 8 years and met first time at the curriculum event in 2010. Both travel together and create videos together.

What Happened to Abhi and Niyu

Couples went to Cairo, Egypt to attend an event COP27 by United Nations. A hotel like Mariott chose to stay to feel safe, but instead of that, a man bullied and gave hateful comments about Indians. The story is here they talked about the incident in a video “we left our room for lunch, and we were passing the ground floor area. A man came running towards us and shot us with iPhone. He started shouting aggressively and talking in Arabic. The man started cussing us and abusing us saying Go Back To India, you dirty Indians”.

Arabic man shouted

They took action against him and stood by each other to talk to Indian Embassy and calmly handled the situation. Hopefully, they are safe, and we are glad they took some action against him. You should also know how they deal with this matter.

  • They called Indian Embassy and talked to the secretary
  • They talked to the hotel’s receptionist and told the whole incident
  • They taught him a lesson to behave appropriately
  • They fought until that man wasn’t thrown away from the hotel
  • They didn’t create scenes and acted patiently
  • They didn’t go with physical violence and peacefully fought
Abhji and Niyu marriage

These points are also necessary for you too to take action against such people. In such cases, act smartly and fought against these people to make them realize their mistakes.


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