Abhay Season 2 Misused Khudiram Bose Posters as Criminal

Abhay 2 misused Khudiram Bose poster as a criminal

Abhay 2 released this month, used the youngest revolutionary of India, Khudiram Bose picture in a criminal list. The scene defines the police station where Kunal Khemu is Abhay (senior Inspector) interrogating a criminal and on the left side there is a pin board with criminals’ posters attached to Khudiram’s picture. This shows how Abhay 2 misused Khudiram Bose.

Who is Khudiram Bose

In the colonial period, Britishers hanged Khudiram Bose at the age of 18. He was born on 3rd December 1889 in Habibpur village, west Bengal. Aurobindo Ghose and Sister Nivedita prompted him to join the freedom struggle in the early 1900s. For distributing pamphlets against colonial rule, Britishers arrested him at the age of 15. He fought for India’s freedom in the 1900s.

Khudiram bose image misused

Now Abhay 2 misused Khudiram Bose posters unintentionally at the criminal pin board. Zee5 and the makers of this film were slammed and criticized for this major Goof-up. The netizens demanded an apology for insulting the great freedom fighter.

As the screenshot of the sequence went viral on social media, netizens, and TMC MLA Madan Mitra tweeted “shameful”. Added in his statement targeting the BJP government for distorting history to undermine the contribution of Bengalis in all fields.

Khudiram Bose Image

JNU union leader Aishe Ghosh also criticized the scene tweeted “shameful incident”. This makes Abhay 2 in trouble for using Khudiram Bose posters in a criminal list.

Misused Khudiram Bose Posters

After noticing this criticism on social media against the team and the makers of the film, Zee5 immediately removed the episode. An Apologizing statement tweeted saying will removing that episode from the list. We unconditionally apologize for this error.

Official OTT platform said, “the producers and the platform have no intention to offend any community or to hurt anyone’s sentiments. We have blurred the image for not to show his image”.

Abhay 2 misused Khudiram Bose poster as a criminal

This controversy has ended up now yet netizens felt hurt seeing those images and no to stop creating memes. Despite the controversy, Abhay 2 film is getting larger audiences on the OTT platform . Well, now you can watch the movie with the entertainment.


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