23 years of Kargil day: Homage to our Brave Soldiers

23 years of Kargil day

Kargil Diwas is a memorable day of the indomitable courage of the Indian soldiers against the war on Pakistan. War was started on 3rd may and ended on 26th July 1999 with the victory of India against Pakistan. Around 2 lakh Indian soldiers participated in the war and the war took the lives of around 550 Indian soldiers. Every year PM pays homage to the soldiers at Amar jawan Jyoti India Gate in New Delhi. The day aims to honor the sacrifice of the soldiers who laid down their lives in the line of duty during the war. 23 years of Kargil day: Homage to our Brave Soldiers get to know more.

 Kargil day
23 years of Kargil day

Background of Kargil war

The northern part of Jammu & Kashmir was divided by LOC in the 1947-48 war. In February 1999 prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Lahore & India -Pakistan and signed the Lahore Declaration.

Lahore Declaration

  • Avoid the nuclear arms race and accidental operational use of a nuclear weapon.
  • Avoid non-conventional & conventional conflicts.
  • Solve all disputes including Kashmir.
23 years of Kargil day
Indian Soldiers

Events leading to the 23 years of Kargil day

  • Between February & May, the high-altitude Indian posts along LOC were occupied by mujahidin /tribal fighters /disguised Pak army units before their usual date in spring and they are noticed by local shepherds.
  • India’s crucial link NH1D -Srinagar to Leh runs near LOC and could be targeted easily from the occupied high peak/posts.
  • A major aim was to sever the link between Kashmir and Ladakh, causing India to withdraw from the Siachen glacier, and forcing India to negotiate a settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
  • After this Indian Army launched a mission named ‘Operation Vijay,’ and the Indian airforce launched operation, Safed Sagar, on Pakistani positions in the region to recapture the higher posts.
  • Until 4 July, the Indian Army had captured strategic peaks like Tiger hills and many more.
  • Under our pressure (president Bill Clinton), Pakistan PM Nawaj Sharif ordered pull out of ‘troops’ on 4th July.
23 years of kargil war

After the Kargil Day

  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA won 303 seats in the 13th Lok sabha elections in October 1999.
  • General Parvej Musharraf staged a coup against PM Sharif on 12 October 1999.
  • Huge backlash in Pakistan over the Kargil blunder.

Significance of Kargil war

  • It’s the only direct conflict between 2 nuclear-capable nations.
  • It’s a high 1st altitude mountainous warfare.
kargil war
  • USA & West identified Pakistan as the aggressor and Condemned it -1st time the USA was favorable to India.
  • It’s the first war that beamed ‘Live’ to TVs in India.

After 23 years of kargil day

As we know that it’s 26 July and we are tributing our brave soldiers who fought very well and make our nation proud and saved. May God always be with their family and give them some strength.


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